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About us

What is Biotechnology Online?

The Biotechnology Online School Resource is produced and maintained by the Australian Government agency Biotechnology Australia.

Biotechnology Online provides balanced and factual information about biotechnology and was very deliberately designed to fit with Australian State and Territory Science curriculums with cross-over into Studies of Society and the Environment, to allow for broader discussion of issues.

This resource aims to address the need for Australian secondary schools to have access to up-to-date information on biotechnology.

It enables schools to supplement their current educational resources with an online resource that contains informational text, case studies, worksheets, online and off-line activities for students, and advice to teachers to enable them to become familiar with applications of modern biotechnology. The resource should enable teachers and students to understand the differing points of view on current practices, and the ethical and moral questions that form a part of present debate on biotechnology.

The first version of Biotechnology Online was produced in 2001 in collaboration with curriculum-development bodies, science teachers and state and federal education departments.

Who is Biotechnology Australia?

Biotechnology Australia is an Australian Government agency, responsible for co-ordinating non-regulatory biotechnology issues. It encompasses five Australian Government Departments:

Biotechnology Australia also works closely with the following agencies:

For more information about gene technology and biotechnology call the
Gene Technology Information Service toll free (Australia-wide) on 1800 631 276.

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