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Australian National University physicist Professor Ken Baldwin has been honoured for his ground-breaking research into precision measurement with the awarding of this year's Barry Inglis Medal.

“This award is national recognition of Professor Baldwin’s world class contribution to the science of measurement,” Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation and Industry, Richard Marles said.

“Professor Baldwin’s development and use of laser techniques in precision measurement has resulted in important contributions to fundamental atomic physics.

"His use of lasers to manipulate atoms has enabled accurate measurements of atomic properties that test the best theories of forces at work in an atom.

“The Barry Inglis Medal, named in honour of the inaugural chief executive of the National Measurement Institute (NMI), is a fitting recognition of scientific work that includes developing precision measurement techniques that add to our understanding of the behaviour of atoms.

“Professor Baldwin has also pioneered optical techniques used to measure the properties of molecules such as oxygen and nitrogen.  Knowing these properties better helps us to describe and predict the behaviour of these molecules in the atmosphere.”

The Barry Inglis Medal acknowledges outstanding achievement in measurement research and excellence in practical measurements in Australia.

Professor Baldwin was presented with the award at NMI’s headquarters in Lindfield, Sydney.

“The Australian Government supports the science of measurement through the activities of NMI, and projects funded by the Australian Research Council,” Mr Marles said. 

“Measurement science has a key national role because it underpins activities across all sectors, from trade, industry, technology, to scientific R&D.”

Dr Laurie Besley, NMI’s Chief Executive, said Professor Baldwin’s research is an outstanding example of Australia’s high standard of measurement science.

Media contacts:  Pauline Braniff, Marles’ Office, 0419 664 016
                           Yen Heng, National Measurement Institute, 0418 616 118