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Small Business Minister Craig Emerson today announced the appointment of the nine members of the Small Business Advisory Committee, implementing another election commitment.

Dr Emerson said the Committee members will assess proposed legislation or regulation which might impact heavily on small businesses and provide advice on the Regulation Impact Statement.  Advice from Committee members will also be provided to Cabinet when it is considering the proposal. 

The Small Business Advisory Committee will be independent of Government and will complement the Government’s existing regulation assessment framework. 

“The entrepreneurship and innovation of Australia’s 2.4 million small businesses make a major contribution to the economy,” he said.

“The Small Business Advisory Committee will make sure that the interests of small businesses across Australia are considered at the highest levels of Government and that regulation does not act as a brake on small business.

“The Committee will help reduce red tape and keep compliance costs for small businesses low.”

The Committee’s members are: Mr Gary Black; Mr Greg Evans; Mr Tom Fisher, Mr Michael King; Mr Anthony Matis; Ms Su McCluskey; Mr Robert Powell; Ms Claire Prendergast and Ms Jan Taylor.

“These individuals bring a wealth of small business experience and knowledge to the table and will help us consider the regulatory impact of policy proposals on small business across a broad range of different government areas,” Dr Emerson said.

“We will continue to work with the business community to improve Australia’s regulatory framework, driving the productivity improvements Australia needs.”

The Committee will also meet once a year to advise the Government of any systemic issues that arise from the reviews of regulation they have conducted.

Attached: Biographies of the members of the Small Business Advisory Committee

Media contact: Carly Learson, Minister's Office, 0466 262 111