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Starting today small businesses will have a new vehicle to help them navigate the web to cut costs and capture new markets, with the launch of the Winning Business Online project, Small Business Minister Craig Emerson announced today.

Dr Emerson said the Winning Business Online project is a partnership between BEC Australia, Pinstripe Media and the University of Western Sydney.

Winning Business Online is designed to equip small business owners with the skills to work the web and prepare them for the opportunities which will be created by the new National Broadband Network.

“The National Broadband Network will be a fantastic opportunity for small business and the Government is helping small businesses take full advantage of it through its Small Business Online program,” Dr Emerson said.

He said BEC Australia has received $700,000 from the Australian Government's Small Business Online program to deliver the project.

“Information technology and the internet are moving ahead at breakneck speed,” Dr Emerson said.

“This project will provide free modules online and low-cost seminars, as well as one-on-one training sessions.

“The one-on-one mentoring sessions will be run by 60 Business Enterprise Centres in more than 115 locations around Australia.

“BEC Australia has developed 10 learning modules to target operators who are not online, or those who are online and want to build their knowledge and ability.

“Small business owners have enough on their hands just running their business. These training options developed by BEC Australia will give small business owners the opportunity to choose the learning modules that best suit them.”

The Small Business Online program has provided $14 million to 47 small business advisory groups to help small businesses better engage in e-business.

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Media contact:  Carly Learson, Minister's Office 0466 262 111