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Ministers' website for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

Innovative science

Innovative science 

Science is vital to the future of Australia.

Our portfolio delivers a range of information and a number of Government initiatives and activities in relation to science and how it benefits the Australian community.

Inspiring Australia

Young girl examining test tube, copyright: ShutterstockAustralians will be encouraged to study and excel in science and research through a new Inspiring Australia program in the 2011-12 Budget.

The $21 million Inspiring Australia program will help bring science to every Australian, regardless of geography, ethnicity, age or social condition.

Supporting Science

A researcher examines a surface treated with Quench Coat.

The Gillard Government will invest a record $3 billion in the nation’s premier scientific research agency, the CSIRO, through a new Quadrennial Funding Agreement to operate over four years from 2011.

The Agreement will allow the CSIRO to continue to work with industry, government and the research community to build a stronger economy, a healthier society and a cleaner environment. 


CSIRO in the House

CSIRO in-the-House logo

CSIRO is Australia's national science agency and one of the largest in the world.

CSIRO research delivers solutions for agribusiness, energy and transport, environment and natural resources, health, information technology, telecommunications, manufacturing and mineral resources.

One of their most recent projects, CSIRO in the House encourages you to explore ways in which innovation and science positively impacting Australian’s daily lives.


Questacon hot air balloon over the Questacon building. You might not realise that Questacon is much more than the big white building in Canberra! As Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre, they have the role of administering a number of National Initiatives. 

Questacon is responsible for a number of initiatives to encourage science awareness in our Australian society. This includes National Science Week and the Prime Minister's Prizes for Science.

These and many other activities are administered through the Science Connections program which supports a range of science communication initiatives through a grants process. For more information, visit
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