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What is an RSS Feed?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) offers web users a quick and easy way of being alerted to new information on the internet, without having to look through a large number of pages that may contain irrelevant content and images. 

A large number of websites now offer RSS feeds which include summary details of news and events and a link to the full item on the site.  If the user wants more detail about the item, they can simply click on the specified link. 

In order to receive these short feeds (RSS files) you need to have a simple browser application known as an RSS reader, feed or news reader or aggregator.  These readers are usually very simple to install and use, and there are a wide variety of them available on the web. 

RSS feeds are used to distribute a wide range of information, including news headlines, articles, event details, site updates, diary entries, stock prices, podcasts and marketing information.

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