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22/06/2013Not pretty under Abbott's fig leaf
FOR the best part of three years the chief criticism of the Gillard Government's policy of putting a price on carbon is that Australia would be going it alone. That has always been a fallacy.

15/06/2013Keep violence out of politics
Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research, Dr Craig Emerson, writes that the Australian public's desensitisation to violent political language is a bad development.

8/06/2013Newman's state, Abbott's nation
AFTER a ferocious period of job cutting and service withdrawal, the Queensland LNP government has conceded it will break its promise to return the state budget to surplus in 2014-15.

1/06/2013A good news story behind the headlines
AUSTRALIA is officially the happiest country in the world. From the vantage point of Paris, where the OECD's analysis was released this week, this finding is unsurprising.

25/05/2013Stars align for New Economy
This week's announcement by Ford Motor Co that it will stop making cars in Australia beyond 2016 is a stark reminder of the need for the nation to achieve its second great post-war economic transformation.

18/05/2013Sure way to surplus: tax the people as Howard did
The opposition will wait until the release of the pre-election economic and fiscal outlook 10 days into the election campaign before setting out its costed policies and savings decisions.

11/05/2013Lower exchange rate would help to keep growth engines humming
Australia's economy has proved resilient, and as job creation associated with the mining boom slows, we are making the transition to more sustainable growth based on a revival in productivity growth.

4/05/2013Fiscal follies grip $70 bn gap in Coalition hopes
Tuesday week's federal budget will set out how the Gillard government will fund its new school and disability support reforms. It will also explain how the government will assure fiscal sustainability in the face of falling commodity prices.

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