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Media Releases

26/06/2013Statement by the Minister
Tonight I am resigning my Ministerial positions and will not contest the 2013 Federal Election.

21/06/2013Research Investment Priorities for Australia's Future
The Gillard Government today released its 15 priorities for strategic research to drive investment in those areas which can help address Australia’s most important economic, environmental and social challenges.

11/06/2013HELP for New Zealanders who grow up here
New Zealanders who grow up in Australia will become eligible for the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) for tertiary education or vocational training.

7/06/2013Partnership boosts Queensland’s skills funding
Queenslanders will receive better quality training, under a new joint plan announced in Canberra today.

29/05/2013Reduced red tape burden for universities
Australian universities will get more benefit out of Labor’s record investment in higher education under a new red-tape review launched by the Gillard Government today.

28/05/2013Indonesia to increase Australian beef imports
Indonesia has announced imports of premium Australian beef will be exempt from quotas following negotiations with the Australian Government.

27/05/2013Minister in Paris for OECD, WTO talks
Trade Minister Craig Emerson today arrives in Paris, where he is vice-chair of the annual Ministerial Council Meeting of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

23/05/2013Opposition Leader’s claims not helping the workers of Ford
Given the significant announcement by Ford, today is not a day for engaging in scare campaign politics.

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