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Media Releases

27/06/2013Questacon bringing science and technology to students and mums
Minister for Science and Research Senator Don Farrell today launched the Questacon Technology Learning Centre in Canberra.

26/06/2013Science and Technology Agreement signed with Vietnam
Australia and Vietnam will continue to work together on scientific and technological projects following the signing of an agreement today.

21/06/2013Research investment priorities for Australia's future
The Gillard Government today released its 15 priorities for strategic research to drive investment in those areas which can help address Australia’s most important economic, environmental and social challenges.

20/06/2013Inspiring industry to inspire Australia
BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Glaxo Smith Kline, Shell and the Queensland Seafood Industry Association all feature in a new publication designed to encourage businesses to promote the benefits of science and innovation.

19/06/2013Assessing research benefits to Australia
The Australian Government is calling for submissions on how best to measure and explain the benefits of government-funded research in universities.

15/06/2013Funding for world class education and research facilities in Adelaide
South Australia's health and biomedical precinct has today received a $100 million boost for two key projects.

12/06/2013Best domestic tourism result in five years
The best Australian domestic tourism figures in five years show that Australians still love to holiday at home, according to Minister Assisting for Tourism, Senator Don Farrell.

5/06/2013Minister welcomes record tourism numbers
Record numbers of tourists from China and the United States of America visited Australia in the March quarter.

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