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Questacon bringing science and technology to students and mums

27 Jun 2013

Minister for Science and Research Senator Don Farrell today launched the Questacon Technology Learning Centre in Canberra.

The Questacon Technology Learning Centre is an Australian first facility where secondary school aged students can actively turn their ideas into innovations and inventions. It has been made possible through a $16.3 million investment by the Australian Government.

"This Centre takes science and technology learning from the classroom into a workshop space, where modern design tools such as 3D printers allow students to design and create," Senator Farrell said.

Technology workshops for schools will be offered in Canberra, and will be available to classrooms across the country via high-definition video-conferencing.

"The Questacon Technology Learning Centre is designed to ignite the imagination of future innovators, engineers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs by immersing them in the innovation process," Senator Farrell said.

"Students here will become the creators of technology, rather than just users of it. This latest Questacon initiative is part of the Australian Government's drive to develop a skilled workforce able to address economic and global challenges."

The launch also showcased the Technology for Mums program, a collaborative project between Questacon and the Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at the Australian National University.

Technology for Mums helps mums assist their children to learn about science and technology. By providing ideas and inspiration, mums can confidently explore science and technology with their children at home.

"The Australian Government is proud to have supported the refurbishment of one of Canberra's landmark buildings in Deakin, bringing it back into productive public life and able to deliver for the nation's future," Senator Farrell said.

The Questacon Technology Learning Centre complements the well-known and much loved Questacon - National Science and Technology Centre in the Parliamentary Triangle.

Initiatives such as these ensure that Questacon can continue to deliver hands-on inquiry-based science learning that complements school education, builds partnerships across the community and encourages entrepreneurship through an appreciation of technology and the possibilities it holds.

Media contacts: Minister's office 02 6277 7580

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