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Research investment priorities for Australia's future

21 Jun 2013

Joint media release with the Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard MP, and the Minister for Tertiary Education, Science and Research the Hon Craig Emerson MP.

The Gillard Government today released its 15 priorities for strategic research to drive investment in those areas which can help address Australia's most important economic, environmental and social challenges.

The Prime Minister joined Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research Dr Craig Emerson, the Minister for Science and Research Senator Don Farrell, and Australia's Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb to unveil the Strategic Research Priorities.

The Priorities are a result of extensive consultation across the Australian research spectrum, from academia to industry.

They represent a new way to focus Australia's research effort, while recognising the need for flexibility in our approach to using research to answer important policy questions.

Under the Government's National Research Investment Plan, the 15 Priorities will be updated every three years to mobilise Australia's scientists and researchers and direct our research investment to meet the challenges of national importance.

The challenges addressed by the Strategic Research Priorities are:

  • Living in a changing environment
  • Promoting population health and wellbeing
  • Managing food and water assets
  • Securing Australia's place in a changing world
  • Lifting productivity and economic growth

The Priorities are designed to help Australia to make the most of the opportunities on offer in the Asian Century.

Better targeted research is crucial to maintaining our competitive advantage and will help Australia meet our objectives under the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper.

The Labor Government has increased investment in R&D through science, research and innovation programs by 30 per cent since coming into office.

These Priorities are part of the Government's continuing commitment to quality research to respond to challenges and harness opportunities.

The May Budget included an additional $321.2 million to support Australian researchers and research facilities to drive innovation and support high-quality jobs growth.

The Strategic Research Priorities replace the 10-year old National Research Priorities.

Details of the priorities can be found at

Media contacts: Minister Farrell's office 02 6277 7580


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