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JBS Australia to cut emissions and save costs

30 Jan 2013

Joint media release with the Federal Member for Blair, Mr Shayne Neumann MP

JBS Australia Pty Ltd will be able to slash the amount of carbon pollution from its meat processing facility at Dinmore in Queensland with the help of a $4.4 million grant from the Gillard Labor Government's Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program.

Industry and Innovation Minister, Greg Combet, said the $8.8 million project was another example of the Gillard Government partnering with food manufacturers to improve their competitiveness, energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

"The project could save JBS Australia $1.1 million a year in energy costs while cutting their carbon price liability by $790,000 per year," said Mr Combet.

JBS Australia will use the funding, matched dollar-for-dollar, to upgrade its waste water treatment system by installing new pre-treatment equipment and covered anaerobic lagoon technology. The existing boiler plant will also be modified to co-combust biogas generated from the site with natural gas.

"The project is expected to reduce the carbon emissions intensity of the Dinmore site by 81 per cent. This will be extremely beneficial to the company's bottom line," Mr Combet said.

Mr Combet commended the Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann, for his advocacy of the project, as well as his work with JBS Australia to encourage and facilitate their application to the Food and Foundries Investment Program.

"Shayne works tirelessly on behalf his constituents and this grant will go a long way in assisting both the company and the local community," Mr Combet said.

"I am very proud to have worked with JBS Australia in supporting this important project," said Mr Neumann.

"The Gillard Labor Government is working in partnership with this iconic local employer to improve its operations while providing positive environmental outcomes.

"The Dinmore facility is used for slaughtering, boning, packaging, by-products rendering and hide processing. The improvements planned on site will help to cut their carbon emissions and save substantially on energy costs.

"The $200 million Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program and the $800 million Clean Technology Investment Program are both funded by carbon price revenue to support manufacturers. I encourage other manufacturers to consider applying for support," Mr Neumann said.

In addition to the Clean Technology Investment Programs, the $200 million Clean Technology Innovation Program is funding Australian businesses to develop new clean technologies.

For more information, companies should contact AusIndustry on 13 28 46 or visit

Media contact: Minister Combet's office 02 6277 7920
                        Mr Neumann's office 0488 076 420

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