Legal and legislative reporting


  • The current list of legislation administered by our Minister can be found in the Administrative Arrangement Orders (AAOs). The current AAOs can be found on ComLaw website.

Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

Regulatory plan

  • The Regulatory plan deals with changes within the agency's area of responsibility and contains information about:
    • changes to business regulation which have occurred since the beginning of the previous financial year, and
    • activities planned in the current financial year which could lead to changes to business regulation.
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Legal notices

Grants Reporting

Senate and expenditure reporting

Departmental expenditure on legal services

Senate Order Contracts

Continuing order of the senate - indexed list of departmental and agency files

Senate Order - 15 Portfolio appointments and vacancies

Senate Order - 15 Portfolio appointments and vacancies

Campaign Certification Statement

Certification statements for campaigns conducted by the department.

Annual Reporting requirements 

Section 516A EPBC Act and Energy Efficiency in Government Operations (EEGO) Policy reporting

Ecologically sustainable development and Operational Environmental Performance