Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation

Innovation and Science Australia has developed a strategy looking out to 2030 to advise the Australian Government on how to generate and capture more of the benefits of innovation for all Australians.

The strategy–Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation was launched by ISA Chair, Bill Ferris AC in January 2018. The 2030 Plan makes 30 recommendations to the Australian Government which are framed around five strategic imperatives: education, industry, Government, research and development, and culture and ambition.

The 2030 Plan is a national roadmap for action to strengthen Australia’s innovation performance and achieve ISA’s vision for 2030:

Australia will be counted within the top tier of innovation nations.

We will take pride in our global reputation for excellence in science, research and commercialisation.

Our world leading strengths in innovation, science and research will benefit all Australians through:

  • strong economic growth
  • competitive industries and companies, and collaborative education and knowledge institutions
  • plentiful jobs that are meaningful and productive
  • a fair and inclusive society with a high quality of life.

Innovation is everyone’s business–it is critical to ensuring the continued wellbeing and prosperity of all Australians.


Stakeholder engagement

ISA engaged with stakeholders across the Australian innovation, science and research system throughout 2017 in developing the 2030 Plan. It also received 130 public submissions which helped inform the development of the 2030 Plan.

An infographic showing the elements of the ISA stakeholder engagement, which included 130 submissions on the issues paper, 18 consultation forums

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