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Released – the Australia 2030 Plan

Innovation and Science Australia’s Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation was launched by ISA Chair, Bill Ferris AC in January 2018. The 2030 Plan is a national roadmap for action to strengthen Australia’s innovation performance and put Australia into the international top-tier by 2030.

The 2030 Plan makes 30 recommendations to the Australian Government which are framed around five strategic policy imperatives for the Australian innovation, science and research system:

  • Education – respond to the changing nature of work by equipping all Australians with skills relevant to 2030
  • Industry – ensure Australia’s ongoing prosperity by stimulating high-growth firms and raising productivity
  • Government – become a catalyst for innovation and be recognised as a global leader in innovative service delivery
  • Research and development – improve R&D effectiveness by increasing translation and commercialisation of research
  • Culture and ambition – enhance the national culture of innovation by launching ambitious National Missions.

Innovation will be vital to the expansion and international competitiveness of Australia’s economy in a rapidly changing world, the 2030 Plan focuses on driving future national prosperity with innovation.


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