Australian Industry Report

This publication has evolved into the Industry Insights series. This bite-sized new series analyses the major economic factors shaping Australia’s industries, regions and the economy.

The annual Australian Industry Report provides an overview and analysis of the major economic factors affecting Australia’s industries.

The 2016 report supports decision making through nine short chapters on important topics related to the competitiveness of Australian industries and the economy in general. It offers a conceptual framework to consider the many dimensions of competitiveness, tracks Australia’s performance and analyses factors such as business input costs and export behaviour that drive competitiveness.

This third edition of the report is accompanied by an Industry Map—an online resource that allows users to interactively explore the economic and industry profile in 87 Australian regions—and four staff research papers that provide the technical underpinning to material covered in some chapters of the report.


Collapsed - 2016

The 2016 edition of the Australian Industry Report explores competitiveness issues using original analysis and business and industry-level economic data.

Collapsed - 2015

This year’s report continues the narrative of structural change. The Australian economy is in transition and future growth will need to draw from a broader base. It is therefore critical that we get our policy settings right.

The report sheds light on enabling services and their role in providing vital intermediary business services, appropriate regulation as an essential ingredient to facilitate and support sustainable economic growth and the importance of research and development activity in securing long-run economic growth.



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