Evaluation Strategy

For government, and this department, continually asking ourselves “how are we performing” is a critical part of good performance management and accountability. The department’s Evaluation Strategy 2017-21 (the Strategy) supports evaluation and performance measurement capacity in the department and helps build a culture of evaluative thinking.

The Strategy outlines the department’s approach to performance measurement and reporting, according to good evaluation practice. This includes preparing programs for future evaluations, planning for evaluations across the lifecycle of a program and using evaluation findings to improve decision-making.

Reviewing our Evaluation Strategy 2015–19

The department’s review of its Evaluation Strategy 2015-19 (the Review) identified areas of evaluation which worked well and areas which needed improvement.  It found an improvement in the department’s overall evaluation skills and capabilities since the Strategy was introduced, but identified a lack of clarity over governance and evaluation processes.

The Review proposes a number of recommendations based on stakeholder engagement, to streamline and clarify evaluation processes within the department. This included a revised evaluation governance model, relaunch of the Evaluation Strategy, efforts to broadly disseminate evaluation findings and a review of internal processes.


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