Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre


The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Ltd (AMGC) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation responsible for working with the advanced manufacturing industry to drive cultural change and increase the competitiveness of the sector.

The future of Australian manufacturing lies in developing high tech, high skill, value added products and processes for global markets. Global trade is increasingly being driven by intermediate goods, for example, components and research. There is a growing market for advanced manufacturers that not only create finished products, but add value at every stage  within the global supply chain. The AMGC is actively working with industry stakeholders to enable Australian advanced manufacturers to seize these opportunities.

The AMGC team and board all bring significant experience in the sector to their roles.

AMGC in action

Since commencing operations in 2015, AMGC has released its Sector Competitiveness Plan and is working to enhance Australian manufacturing through:

  • Direction: Setting the direction of advanced manufacturing in Australia
  • Demonstration: Demonstrating progress through collaborative projects, hubs. and membership programs
  • Impact: Working with manufacturing companies, research institutions and governments to advance the industry through workshops and policy recommendations.

Notable activities to date include:

  • Co-funding over a dozen industry-led collaborative projects including with advanced materials and technology companies through the Project Fund to develop new materials, innovative products and enhanced industrial processes.
  • Establishing innovation hubs in carbon fibre, additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0 to stimulate collaboration between researchers and firms.
  • Rolling out a series of Living Labs allowing small to medium enterprises to tour and experience Industry 4.0 processes in a working environment.
  • Delivering an interactive tool for firms to benchmark their technical characteristics and competitiveness.
  • Participating in the Prime Minister’s Industry 4.0 taskforce to develop global standards and build international relations to maximise productivity gains and facilitate use of Industry 4.0 technologies in Australia.
  • Releasing the Defining Manufacturing: A New Definition for a New Era report.


To find out more visit the AMGC website or email

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