Cyber Security Growth Centre


The Cyber Security Growth Centre, known as the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network (AustCyber), was first announced as part of the Australian Government's National Innovation and Science Agenda on 7 December 2015, and is a key measure of Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy.

Digital technology now pervades every aspect of our lives and underpins the entire economy. According to Lloyds of London, cybercrime costs the world about USD$400 billion annually. The risks are clear, but so are the opportunities. The global cyber security market is expected to grow from about AUD$100 billion in 2015, to more than AUD$200 billion by 2020. AustCyber was established to help the domestic cyber security industry grow and become more capable and competitive, and establish Australia as a leading force in the rapidly growing global cyber security market.

The AustCyber team and board all bring significant experience in the sector to their roles.

AustCyber in action

Since commencing operations and releasing its Sector Competitiveness Plan in 2017, AustCyber has been delivering its program of activities across five strategic objectives aimed at growing Australia’s cyber security industry:

  • Demonstrate leadership and coherence
  • Accelerate commercialisation
  • Pursue policy advocacy and reform
  • Drive industry collaboration and coordination
  • Facilitate talent growth

Notable activities to date include:


To find out more visit the AustCyber website or email You can also follow AustCyber on Twitter at @AustCyber.

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