Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Growth Centre


The Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Growth Centre, known as MTPConnect, is working to capitalise on the sector’s competitive advantage to establish Australia as an Asia Pacific hub for medical technology and pharmaceutical companies.

Through achieving this vision and addressing the key issue of collaboration, along with funding, skills, policy and regulatory impediments, the sector could achieve up to a $3.2 billion increase in value and the creation of an additional 28,000 jobs from 2015‑2025. MTPConnect is working with the sector to seize these opportunities.

The MTPConnect team and board all bring significant experience in the sector to their roles. Ms Sue MacLeman outlines MTPConnect’s vision for the sector in in this Youtube video.

MTPConnect in action

Since commencing operations in 2015, MTPConnect has released its Sector Competitiveness Plan in 2016, and is working to:

  • Identify and promote Knowledge Priorities focused on current and future market needs
  • Create a productive commercialisation environment from research to early trials and proof-of-concept
  • Support the growth of smaller companies into larger, more stable and successful companies
  • Strengthen Australia as an attractive clinical trial research destination
  • Support development of digitally enabled medical technology and pharmaceuticals solutions
  • Position Australia as the preferred partner for emerging Asian markets
  • Support advanced manufacturing as a part of the broader Australian innovation ecosystem

Notable activities to date include:

  • Working with Austrade to develop a harmonised calendar of trade events to promote the Australian medical technologies and pharmaceuticals industry, particularly within Asia Pacific markets. MTPConnect led a delegation to 2017 The MedTech Conference to showcase Australian capabilities and innovations.


To find out more please, email or call 03 9905 1753.

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