Mining Equipment, Technology and Services Growth Centre


The Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) Growth Centre, known as METS Ignited, is working to strengthen Australia’s position as a global hub for mining innovation, and enhance the global competitive advantage of the Australian METS industry.

The $90 billion Australian METS industry is a global leader in mining innovation and is a significant contributor to the national economy. The sector has potential for further growth through exporting, technology development and the creation of news processes, services and products. METS Ignited is working to seize these opportunities.

The METS Ignited team and board all bring significant experience in the sector to their roles.

METS Ignited in action

Since commencing operations in 2015, METS Ignited has launched its Sector Competitiveness Plan, which sets out a long-term strategy for the Australian METS sector, including five interconnected work programs:

  • Aligned Strategy: the sector has a compelling vision and strategy that aligns to and enhances the growth needs of the METS, mining and research industries.
  • Global Brand: Australian METS is recognised globally, highly valued and priced at a premium.
  • Internationally Competitive: supply chain participation is facilitated by global partnerships, world class clusters and the active support of capital markets that is needed to compete internationally.
  • Collaborative and Innovative: collaboration has accelerated innovation and commercialisation rates.
  • Skilled for 2026: the skills base enhances business capability and growth, and ensures the sector’s sustainability and leadership in a rapidly transforming technology landscape.

Notable activities to date include:

  • Launching the Igniting METS Accelerator Program. A pilot to improve the commercialisation rate of mining technologies in Australia was delivered in collaboration with the Queensland Government.
  • Supporting Austmine’s Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program, which is addressing the substantial shortage of female employees in the METS sector with a STEM background.
  • Funding the establishment of CORE Resources Innovation Hub in partnership with the Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Growth Centre, known as National Energy Resources Australia.
  • Advocating for the development of interoperability standards across the minerals value chain to lower barriers to entry and reduce development costs for third party vendors and providers.


To find out more please visit the METS Ignited website or email

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