Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Growth Centre


The Oil, Gas and Energy Resources Growth Centre, known as NERA (National Energy Resources Australia), is working to maximise the value of the Australian energy resources sector, and to ensure that Australian oil and gas, coal and uranium industries are globally competitive, sustainable, innovative and diverse.

Global energy demand is predicted to increase in coming decades, along with pressure to deliver lower carbon emissions in line with international commitments. Australia has a critical role to play in delivering efficient, lower carbon energy to the world and becoming a global leader in energy technology innovation. While renewable energy is not directly in NERA’s scope, the energy resources sector is a key partner with the renewable sector in achieving lower emissions, uptake of clean technology and a sustainable energy mix for Australia.

The NERA team and board all bring significant experience in the sector to their roles.

NERA in action

Since commencing operations in 2016, NERA has launched its Sector Competitiveness Plan, and is working to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian energy resources sector through:

  • Identifying the key opportunities for innovation and collaboration
  • Supporting industry-led projects which commercialise innovation and research
  • Connecting between services and operators to solve the key industry challenges and opportunities
  • Promoting fit for purpose regulation that provides public confidence in government oversight of industry activity while supporting a competitive and sustainable industry
  • Improving management and workforce skills to support innovation and collaboration

Notable activities to date include:

  • Providing $4.8 million for collaborative projects to introduce clean technologies into the sector for economic and environmental benefits to the end user through innovation and industry partnerships.
  • Establishing a SME Innovation Voucher program (small to medium-sized businesses), allowing recipients to deliver innovative solutions to technical challenges.
  • Releasing Are You Research Ready, a step-by-step pathway for businesses to most effectively engage with the research sector to solve industry problems.
  • Working with industry mentors and the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to deliver the SME Opportunity Knocks program which builds capability and connects firms with Tier 1 contactors and service providers (initially in the oil and gas sector).
  • Released the first in a series of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reference Cases to improve EIA consistency and transparency, saving industry, government and stakeholders time and resources.


To find out more visit the NERA website or email contact@nera.org.au.

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