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The Industry Growth Centres Initiative (the Initiative) is an industry-led approach driving innovation, productivity and competitiveness by focusing on areas of competitive strength and strategic priority.

The Initiative is helping Australia transition into smart, high value and export focused industries, and working with industry sectors to build stronger futures for themselves. The Initiative aims to build capability and stronger industry systems through a collaborative, industry-led process – to grow excellence, not dependence, and create an economy that ensures Australia’s ongoing prosperity.


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Under the Initiative, six Growth Centres have been established in industry sectors of competitive strength and strategic priority:

Each Growth Centre is an independent not-for-profit company with an industry-led Board, recognising that industry is best placed to drive cultural change and overcome barriers to innovation, productivity and growth.

Growth Centres are leading cultural change in their sectors by focusing on four key areas:

  • increasing collaboration and commercialisation;
  • improving access to global supply chains and international opportunities;
  • enhancing management and workforce skills; and
  • optimising the regulatory environment.

All six Growth Centres have published Sector Competitiveness Plans in collaboration with stakeholders in their sectors. The Sector Competitiveness Plan is a strategic vision that highlights opportunities and activities to boost sector productivity and drive cultural change in its sector. Sector Competitiveness Plans also contain:

  • Regulatory Reform Agendas, which provide an opportunity for Growth Centres to suggest regulation reform solutions to regulators, including governments; and
  • Industry Knowledge Priorities, which summarise priority knowledge and technology gaps in each sector to inform the science and research community of industry needs and commercialisation opportunities.

An overview of these Sector Competitiveness Plans is available in the documents below. A link to each Growth Centre’s Sector Competitiveness Plan is available on their individual web pages.

By providing an industry-led and strategic vision in their sectors, the Growth Centres are bringing focus and alignment across industry and innovation policy initiatives, including the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, Cooperative Research Centres Program and Australian Research Council Industrial Research Transformation Program.

The Programme Guidelines published at the base of this page set out the governance framework for the operation of the Initiative.


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