Australian Industry Participation

Australian Industry Participation (AIP) policies and programmes encourage full, fair and reasonable opportunity for Australian industry to compete for work in major public and private projects in Australia.

Commonwealth, state and territory industry ministers signed the Australian Industry Participation National Framework in April 2001. The National Framework encourages governments to adopt a consistent national approach to maximise Australian industry participation in major projects in Australia and overseas. Each jurisdiction has its own policies aimed at encouraging Australian industry participation in public and private projects.

The Australian Jobs Act 2013 (the Jobs Act) details Australian industry participation requirements for major projects valued at $500 million or more. The Jobs Act ensures that information about opportunities to bid for work on major projects is provided by all levels of the project’s supply chain – from procurement entities to lower tier suppliers.

The Australian Industry Participation (AIP) Authority provides assistance and guidance on how to meet obligations under the Jobs Act and monitors compliance with the Act's requirements.

Australian industry participation requirements apply to:

Support for project proponents and potential suppliers

Support for Australian businesses

Support for government


You can provide feedback by emailing or by calling 02 6213 6404.

Should you have a complaint, clearly explain the issue and provide any relevant documents. If you make a complaint in person or by phone, you should follow it up in writing providing as much information as possible. We will record and investigate your complaint and provide a detailed response.

If you are not satisfied, the Commonwealth Ombudsman (Phone 1300 632 072) investigates complaints about the administrative actions of Australian Government departments and agencies.

Under the Australian Jobs Act 2013, if a project proponent disagrees with a direction given by the AIP Authority to amend their draft AIP plan, or with any decisions made by the AIP Authority in relation to the draft AIP plan, a project proponent may make an application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for a review of the decisions.

For more information on the decisions made by the AIP Authority that may be reviewable by the AAT see Section 112 of the Australian Jobs Act 2013 on Federal Register of Legislation.

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