Australia-Singapore Mutual Recognition Agreement on Conformity Assessment

The Australia-Singapore Mutual Recognition Agreement on Conformity Assessment (Singapore MRA) entered into force on 1 July 2001. 

MRAs enable conformity assessment (testing, inspection and certification) of products and of manufacturers of products intended for export to the other Party’s territory to be undertaken in the country of export, thereby reducing non-tariff (technical and regulatory) barriers to trade between the countries. Regulatory authorities in both countries recognise test reports and certificates issued by Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) — bodies deemed by both countries competent to assess products as conforming to the standards of the other country.

What is covered by the Singapore MRA?

The Singapore MRA covers products in two regulated sectors:

  • the electrical and electronic equipment sector; and                   
  • the telecommunications equipment sector.

It also covers the manufacturing process for products in the medicinal products sector, rather than the products themselves, known as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). GMP refers to principles and specifications of good manufacturing processes to which manufacturers must comply, resulting in safe and reliable products for consumers.

What are the benefits of the Singapore MRA?

Australian exporters can benefit by having their products, or the manufacturing process for exported medicinal products, fully assessed in Australia for conformity to Singapore’s regulatory standards and legal requirements prior to export.  Similarly, exporters in Singapore can have their products or manufacturing process fully assessed in Singapore for conformity to Australia’s regulatory standards and legal requirements.  Such measures can improve market access for exporters and reduce costs for importers and consumers in both countries by removing or reducing the costs, risks and time delays associated with obtaining regulatory approvals for the sale of products covered by the MRA in the country of export before they can be released in the market place.

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