Industry Innovation and Science Women’s Advisory Roundtable

The Minister for Jobs and Innovation has established a Women’s Advisory Roundtable to inform how best to advance the critical role of women across Australian business, industry, innovation and science.

The Industry, Innovation and Science Women’s Advisory Roundtable will:

  • Provide feedback on women’s access to and participation in current Industry, Innovation and Science policies and programs and their impact on women’s economic opportunities; and
  • Provide high level advice on how existing and future Industry, Innovation and Science policies and programs could be amended or designed to optimise such participation and impact.

Members of the Roundtable will include representatives from the private sector, research institutions and government, including senior executives and actual practitioners. They will include:

  • Early and mid-career individuals, as well as industry and organisation leaders who have an understanding of the innovation ecosystem as a whole.
  • Approximately ten (10) permanent attendees with a term limited to a maximum of two years.
  • Additional rotating attendees to join specific meetings depending on the issues to be considered. They will be drawn from existing expressions of interest and other stakeholders.

The permanent members of the Roundtable, nominated for a maximum of two years are:

  • Professor Lyn Beazley, former Chief Scientist of Western Australia
  • Dr Rowan Brookes, Director of Education, School of Biological Sciences, Monash University
  • Ms Nicole Brown, Commonwealth Bank
  • Ms Topaz Conway, Chair, Springboard Enterprises Australia
  • Ms My Lin Kha, Managing Director, AMGEN Australia
  • Ms Jessica May, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Enabled Employment
  • Ms Michelle Price, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Cyber Security Growth Network
  • Mr David Shein, Partner, Our Innovation Fund LP
  • Mr Andrew Stevens, Chair, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre
  • Ms Monica Wulff, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Startup Muster
  • Mr Max York, Chief Executive Officer, GE Australia


The Roundtable will meet up to three times a year either in Canberra or Sydney.

The first meeting of the Roundtable was held on 13 March 2018.

Further information on Government initiatives for Women in Industry, Innovation and Science

On 8 March 2018 the Government announced it will appoint a Women in Science Ambassador, who will act as an advocate for gender equity in science, raising awareness of issues and prosecuting the case for change.

In July 2017, the Government launched Towards 2025: An Australian Government strategy to boost women’s workforce participation. The Strategy outlines the Government’s roadmap to reduce the gender participation gap by 25 per cent by 2025 – a general commitment by G20 leaders.

The Government’s $13 million National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA) Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship initiative is focused on improving women’s participation in STEM and entrepreneurship. It includes:

  • $2 million over 2016-17 to 2018-19 to support the expansion of the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) project, to make it available to all Australian publicly-funded research organisations. SAGE will assess and accredit the gender equity policies and practices in Australian science organisations.
  • $2 million over 2016-17 to 2018-19 to support the establishment of a new group of Male Champions of Change for STEM (MCC-STEM).
  • A new, $8 million Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship grants program for projects that boost the participation of girls and women in STEM education and careers, including as entrepreneurs.
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