Australia's enabling technologies capability

Australia has a reputation for scientific and technological ingenuity. Our research and manufacturing capability in both biotechnology and nanotechnology and other enabling technologies extends across many sectors. The Australian government recognises that communication between research, industry, government and community is crucial to enabling Australia to remain competitive on the world stage.


Australia has many institutions doing both pure research and research that is more specifically linked to particular needs of industry and society. In order to assist with research funding decisions, the department has supported the development of a nanotechnology research strategy. The government has invested in research infrastructure and in training graduates and in 2012 the number of Australian universities in the top 100 universities worldwide increased.


Australia has strong industrial capabilities in biotechnology and nanotechnology. While most Australian biotechnology companies fall within the biomedical sphere of human therapeutics and diagnostics, the sector also has strong capabilities in agriculture, the environment and industrial processing.

Australia’s strengths in nanotechnology are demonstrated by a nanotechnology capability report produced in 2011. The department has also developed a range of case studies to illustrate the use of enabling technologies by Australian companies.

Data & statistics

The department collates a range of data and statistics about the biotechnology and nanotechnology sectors. This includes:

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