To make NSRC data easier to access, raw unit record data is now provided through a new visualisation tool, ‘NSRC Viz’. This new product supports customised searches and data analysis across different institutions and regions using select metrics. NSRC Viz will produce bespoke charts and graphs that can be saved or printed:

Providing NSRC data in this way responds to stakeholder requests for more dynamic data analysis tools and helps to realise part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda to support innovation by publishing and sharing public data.

Because this is the first time NSRC data has been presented in NSRC Viz we welcome feedback on how we might improve this feature. Please send your comments to NSRC@industry.gov.au.

Tips for use

How to navigate visualisation

To explore the data, select from an assortment of tabs. The image below shows the current selection tab to be ‘Institutional Performance at a Glance’, at the top of the visualisation.


How to export and print

To export an image or PDF, select the ‘Download’ text at the bottom of the visualisation. Then select either ‘PDF’ or ‘Image’, leading to a confirmation prompt. If you select the ‘PDF’ option, there will be a prompt with a number of characteristics for you to consider. You may wish to save the file locally or open the file with the default software to allow for printing.

Users are also able export the visualisation package to their local system and interact with the visualisation offline through Tableau desktop products. Similarly, select the ‘Download’ text then either ‘Tableau Workbook’ or ‘Get the App’. If you have already installed the ‘Tableau Public’ or ‘Tableau Desktop’ software then you would select the ‘Tableau Workbook’, to download a local package.

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