Science, Research and Innovation Budget Tables

The Science, Research and Innovation (SRI) Budget Tables have been published annually since 1979-80. They provide a central source of information on Australian Government investment in research and experimental development (R&D) and innovation, and on SRI-related Australian Government organisations.

2017-18 SRI Budget Tables

12 October 2017

Interactive data visualisations – Key data contained within the 2017-18 edition of the SRI Budget Tables may be viewed and interacted with online:

The 2017-18 SRI Budget Tables XLSX document contains tables of data on Australian Government investments in R&D and innovation, and visualisations of the R&D investment data.

2017-18 SRI Budget Tables

The 2017-18 SRI Budget Tables Snapshot contains a Ministerial foreword and charts of key information contained within the tables.

2017-18 SRI Budget Tables Snapshot

Alternative format versions of the main data tables are available from

An infographic based upon the 2017-18 SRI Budget Tables data is available from

To be advised when the 2018-19 edition of the tables has been released, or to make comments or suggestions for improvements on future editions:

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