• Australia is the third largest producer of zinc worldwide.
  • The majority of Australia’s zinc is exported to China, India, South Korea and the United States.
  • Zinc, lead, silver and copper are usually found in the same deposits and can be produced as a by-product and/or co-product of each other.

Zinc is commonly used as an anti-corrosion agent for galvanisation of steel or iron to prevent rusting, as a material for the anode in batteries and in zinc alloys such as brass.

Global zinc consumption is usually linked to construction activities, transport vehicles and infrastructure, urbanisation of emerging economies, and battery usage.

Australia has been producing zinc since 1901, when the development of a new process allowed for the economic extraction of zinc in Broken Hill, New South Wales.

Today, Australia is one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of zinc and the industry employs thousands of people, particularly in Northern Australia. More than 80 per cent of Australia’s zinc resources are located in Queensland and the Northern Territory, predominately at the George Fisher, Mount Isa, Dugald River, Century and McArthur River deposits.

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