Australia’s Major Resources Commodities

  • Around two-thirds of Australia’s electricity is generated from coal
  • Our coal, iron ore, copper and nickel are essential inputs to housing and infrastructure
  • Polyester used in clothes and accessories is derived from oil and coal
  • Renewable technologies are highly dependent on resource products including copper and lithium
  • Even our food is reliant on inputs from the resources sector; phosphate, potash, sulfur, cadmium, phosphorous are used to produce fertilisers.

Australia is fortunate to have abundant and diverse mineral and energy resources. We have the world’s largest economic demonstrated resources (EDR) of iron ore, gold, uranium, zinc, industrial diamond, lead, nickel, rutile, tantalum and zircon, while our coal, copper, bauxite, ilmenite, lithium, manganese, silver, rare earths and tin resources rank in the top five worldwide.

Australia is a major producer and exporter of resources commodities that provide key inputs into many products we use on a daily basis. Our resources are a raw input for a wide-range of manufacturing processes, construction, transportation and energy delivery. Resources materials are also inputs to many of the treatments we rely on to detect and treat diseases.

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