Enhancing Australia's Resource Sector

The Australian Government has established a Resources 2030 Taskforce to identify bold, attainable reforms for our resources sector that will help secure the resources sector's future. The taskforce’s report will be used to develop a Resources Statement to ensure the sector’s competitiveness and sustainability to 2030.

Australia's economic arrangements are among the more competitive resources taxation regimes applied worldwide. They are aimed at encouraging production while providing an adequate return to the Australian community.

The Australian Government is focused on providing an investment environment that is internationally competitive and provides a high degree of investor certainty.

  • The Australian Energy Resource Assessment
    Examines identified and potential energy resources and considers the factors likely to influence Australia's energy future in a low-carbon economy to 2030.
  • Bilateral minerals and energy cooperation
    On behalf of the Australian Government, the department is responsible for regular bilateral minerals and energy consultations with Australia's major trading partners and other stakeholders.
  • Resources taxation
    In Australia, the Commonwealth and state and territory governments impose charges on minerals extraction and petroleum production to ensure that the community receives a benefit from their developmen


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