Coal Mining Abatement Technology Support Package

The Coal Mining Abatement Technology Support Package (CMATSP) provides assistance to the coal industry and research partners to help commercialise fugitive methane abatement technologies. Technologies to mitigate fugitive emissions from coal mines are important for safety and greenhouse gas mitigation and will contribute to the sustainability of the coal industry.

The program is:

  • supporting industry efforts to develop technologies and processes that provide future solutions to safely reduce fugitive methane emissions
  • addressing mine occupational health and safety issues associated with the development and deployment of abatement technologies
  • supporting smaller and medium sized participants to develop greenhouse gas abatement strategies.

How to apply

The program funds of $33 million are fully committed. All funded projects have either concluded or will be concluding by June 2018.

Projects funded under the CMATSP

  • Safety Duct and VAM-RAB Scale Up. This project is investigating the application of a direct coupled regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO) to a ventilation fan to develop a transparent methodology for future installations at Australian coal mines.
  • Chemical Looping VAM Abatement Project. This project is investigating the development and pilot-scale demonstration of a novel ventilation air methane (VAM) abatement technology based on the chemical looping concept and is referred to as 'VAM chemical looping oxidiser (VAMCO)'.
  • VAM Abatement Safety Project. This project determined the critical science and engineering issues underpinning the safe operation of VAM capture ducts, an integral component of large-scale VAM abatement systems to address fugitive emissions at Australian coal mines. The demonstration of this project was launched in 2017.
  • Novel VAM Technologies and Evaluation Tool. This project is progressing three different prototype technologies designed to mitigate and utilise fugitive methane emissions from the ventilation air of coal mines.
  • Methane Capture and Abatement Optimisation. This project developed an advanced approach and technologies to optimise the design and operation of mine gas drainage and ventilation systems and improve the longwall post drainage efficiency.
  • Open Cut Emissions. This study investigated the potential uses and likely uncertainties associated with inverse and traverse based atmospheric methods for estimating fugitive gas emissions in open cut coal mines, and design an appropriate monitoring network and modelling approach that would maximise the accuracy and precision of the results obtained from any subsequent field trial.



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