Pre-competitive Geological Storage Data Acquisition

Identifying suitable geological sites for CO2 storage is a prerequisite for large-scale demonstration and deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies in Australia.

Work to develop sufficient basic knowledge of prospective CO2 storage sites has been undertaken on a pre-competitive (public information) basis by the Australian and State Governments, similar to the approach still being used in the petroleum sector. This knowledge helps to inform government decisions on the release of suitable greenhouse gas (GHG) exploration acreage which can be taken up for commercial exploration and development under CCS legislation.

The Australian Government with support from state and territory governments and industry is therefore undertaking a national, strategically-phased program of precompetitive data acquisition and characterisation of prospective GHG storage sites.

This program is being funded through the National Low Emissions Coal Initiative and the National CO2 Infrastructure Plan.

On behalf of the department, Geoscience Australia has been managing the provision of Australian Government funding for the collection of precompetitive exploration data relating to prospective GHG storage sites, in both offshore Commonwealth waters and with state and territory governments under National Geoscience Agreements.

The table on this page outlines the main elements of the program. The Geoscience Australia website provides further information.



South West Western Australia

South Perth (onshore)
Vlaming sub-basin (offshore)

North West Western Australia

Browse (offshore)
Canning Stage (onshore)


Gippsland (offshore) – Stage 1
Gippsland (offshore) – Stage 2

Southern and central Queensland

Surat and Bowen (onshore) TBC

New South Wales

Sydney (onshore)
Darling (onshore)

Northern Australia

Petrel Sub-basin/Bonaparte Basin (offshore)

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