National Low Emission Coal Initiative

The National Low Emissions Coal Initiative (NLECI) program helps to accelerate the development and deployment of low emission technologies and CO2 transport and storage infrastructure to achieve major cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from coal usage over time. The initiative balances the need for emissions reductions with energy security and maintaining the contribution of coal to Australia’s economic growth.

The NLECI is supported by a variety of stakeholders including industry, research institutions and state and territory governments.


The NLECI was established in 2008. Many projects have already been completed and the remainder will conclude by July 2016. Many projects have been completed and no new projects will be funded through this program.

Grants and funding

The NLECI includes funding for:

Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program

The Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program (ALDP) is a joint initiative between the Australian and Victorian Governments to support technology development and the more effective utilisation of Victorian lignite.

The ALDP provides up to $75 million of joint Commonwealth and Victorian Government funding for low emission coal demonstration projects in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley.

Three projects were selected through an extensive two stage competitive project selection phase which included an expression of interest and request for proposal process. The applications were assessed by an Independent Assessment Panel of technical and commercial experts. Successful project applications were announced by the Government following the signing of funding agreements.

The program is administered by the Victorian Department of State Development and Business Innovation (DSDBI).

More information

Further information, program updates and frequently asked questions on the ALDP can be found on the DSDBI ALDP homepage.

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