Low Emission Technologies for Fossil Fuels

Australia is heavily reliant on fossil fuels to meet domestic energy demand with around 64% of electricity generated by coal fired power stations. Burning fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil releases carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere adding to the potential for climate change.

The Australian Government is encouraging industry to reduce GHG emissions through a range of measures including adoption of high efficiency low emissions technologies and carbon capture and storage (CCS), sometimes referred to as carbon sequestration.

How is the Department involved?

The Department has responsibility for legislation, policy and program delivery for low emissions fossil fuel technologies initiatives:

  • Carbon Capture and Storage Research Development & Demonstration Fund
    The CCS RD&D Fund will provide up to $25 million for research, development and demonstration activities on Carbon Capture & Storage. The Programme aims to support the Australian Government’s commitment to reduce technical and commercial barriers to the deployment of large-scale carbon capture and storage projects.
  • Greenhouse Gas Storage Acreage Release
    Offshore acreage release enables prospective GHG storage operators to obtain the necessary injection and storage property rights and provides the investment certainty needed to develop commercial storage operations.
  • International Engagement
    Australia is an active member of a number of multilateral forums for advancing CCS technologies, and works in collaboration with key bilateral partners through research and development partnerships and high-level policy dialogue.
  • Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) Pilot Program
    The HESC Pilot Project will trial a fully integrated supply chain for hydrogen, starting with the production of hydrogen in the Latrobe Valley and ending with the transport and use of hydrogen in Japan.

More information

For further information on CCS:

For more information, contact: LowEmissions@industry.gov.au

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