National Mine Safety Framework

The National Mine Safety Framework (NMSF) is an initiative of the COAG Energy Council which aims to achieve a nationally consistent occupational health and safety regime in the Australian mining industry.

The implementation of the NMSF aims to improve the safety of workers through greater consistency and efficiency of occupational health and safety regulation.

The NMSF was first endorsed in March 2002 by the then Ministerial Council on Mineral and Petroleum Resources. In November 2005, the tripartite NMSF Steering Group (made up of representatives of state/Northern Territory and Australian Governments, and relevant industry associations and trade unions) was established to guide the development and implementation of the framework. The Steering Group was formally concluded in April 2013, with final implementation of the NMSF work to be progressed by state and territory governments.

The NMSF is made up of seven strategies, focussed on key areas where consistency across jurisdictions would be most beneficial to the industry:

  • Nationally consistent legislation
  • Competency support
  • Compliance support
  • A nationally coordinated protocol on enforcement
  • Consistent and reliable data collection and analysis
  • Effective consultation mechanisms
  • A collaborative approach to research.

In October 2008, the NMSF Steering Group’s recommendations to implement the seven strategies were finalised in the National Mine Safety Framework Implementation Report (see Related documents). The report was endorsed by the Ministerial Council on 28 October 2008 and by the Council of Australian Governments on 30 April 2009. The Australian Government committed $3.3 million over four years (from 2009–10 to 2012-13) to these activities, with the state and Northern Territory Governments also committing funding to the initiative over four years.

The development of nationally consistent mine safety legislation (Strategy 1) has been the primary focus of the NMSF Steering Group work, including its integration with the development of national model Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws by Safe Work Australia to ensure a consistent and collaborative approach to OHS reform.

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