Regulatory Transparency

Transparency in the mining industry refers to being open and transparent across all aspects of mining regulation. 
This is a significant issue for the industry as it helps with improved community and investor confidence in the Australian mineral resources industry.

The Australian Government is working with various stakeholders and stakeholder groups (including industry representatives, state/territory government regulators, other state and territory government agencies and non-government organisations) on the issue of transparency in the regulation of the Australian mining industry.

One outcome of this engagement was the development of a set of Principles for Regulatory Transparency following the Transparency Workshop convened by LARWG on 22 May 2015. The workshop responded to discussions at the December 2014 Energy Council meeting, on the growing challenge for the Australian resources industry posed by campaigns aimed at undermining public confidence and investment in resources exploration and development.

The key themes discussed by workshop participants included the need to identify transparency principles, in order to ensure a common understanding and expectations of all stakeholders; to ensure the information delivered meets the needs of the audience (i.e. quality or quantity); and the need for regulators to demonstrate their credibility and reliability, in order to generate trust with the mining industry and other stakeholders. The following Principles for Regulatory Transparency were developed following workshop discussions.

  • Open access – approach with presumption in favour of releasing information where appropriate
  • Engagement – need to cooperate with agencies and communities to design policy/service delivery
  • Effective governance – responsibility for how information is managed
  • Robust management – making information accessible and scrutinised; and
  • Feedback – ability for transparency systems to be reviewed and fielding questions and complaints about how information is being made available.

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