Evaluating performance: Monitoring and auditing


Case studies:

Case Study: Strategic management of cumulative impacts of coalmine wastewater releases in the Fitzroy River Basin—a regulatory perspective

Case Study: Integrated water management by Anglo American’s Metallurgical Coal Business Unit

Case Study: PanAust in Laos—working with communities for sustainable livelihoods

Case Study: Co-management of impacts of below-watertable mining on culturally significant and ecologically sensitive Weeli Wolli Springs and Creek system by traditional owners and Rio Tinto

Case Study: Monitoring to improve the quality of rehabilitation

Case Study: Erosion monitoring for stable landforms

Case Study: Integrated monitoring program for a former uranium mining region in Germany

Case Study: Rum Jungle Environmental Values Project

Case Study: Indigenous community involvement in monitoring for improved land management

Case Study: Sample size estimated for monitoring impacts of undermining on a plant growing on damp rock faces

Case Study: Pushing technology to meet expected future requirement—Tampakan Project baseline water quality monitoring

Case Study: Fauna monitoring to assess offsets and mine rehabilitation

Case Study: Democratic Republic of the Congo: shedding light on tax collecting agencies’ practices—greater scrutiny uncovers US$26 million that was unaccounted for

Case Study: Upgrading monitoring systems to inform water management

Case Study: Environmental evaluation of QAL’s red mud dam and receiving waters

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