Land use and access

Why is land use and access important for the resources sector?

Mineral and energy resources and land ownership rights in Australia are separated. Land use tensions typically arise because of the challenges of co-existence, shared-use and sequential use. Changes in land use can trigger a diverse pattern of support or resistance, in the context of complex, expansive, overlapping and often competing interests.

How is the department involved?

The Australian Government recognises that land access is an important issue for landholders and is an important policy matter that is considered by the COAG Energy Council​. The department works with states and territories on land access issues through the Energy Council, including the development of the multiple land use framework, and more recently the three key coexistence principles for coal seam gas operations, with a particular focus on the agriculture sector. The Government’s three coexistence principles for coal seam gas operations stress the need for farmer agreement, fair compensation, and no long term impacts to agricultural land and groundwater.

The Multiple Land Use Framework, helps to address challenges arising from competing land use, land access and land use change. The Framework outlines key principles to enable governments, community and industry to effectively and efficiently meet land access and use challenges, expectations and opportunities. The framework also provides guidance to state and territory governments on the development of their respective land access policies and legislation. While jurisdictional positions on land access differ, their regimes are broadly consistent with this framework.

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