Sustainable mining

What is sustainable mining?

Sustainable mining refers to the development of our minerals and energy resources, onshore and offshore, in a way that maximises the economic and social benefits while minimising the environmental impacts of mining. It integrates environmental, economic, safety and community aspects in all phases of a project.

Australia is a world leader in sustainable mining because of a long history of strong environmental and safety regulations as well as wide-spread adoption of voluntary codes of practice and standards by the industry. Sustainable development of our resources has been, and will continue to be, essential if the sector is to be successful in the 21st Century.

The Australian Government is committed to protecting Australia’s diverse and distinct natural environment while supporting investment certainty. To ensure the sustainable development of our resources, the Government will continue to ensure appropriate environmental obligations; and invest in the science and research that underpins effective regulation, decision-making and addresses community concerns.

How are we involved?

All governments have a responsibility in ensuring the sustainable development of our resources. On behalf of the Government, the department works collaboratively with the relevant state and territories to promote sustainable mining. This includes the following policy areas:

For regulation of offshore oil, gas and minerals, please visit the offshore petroleum and minerals pages.

The department also takes a leadership role in promoting the adoption of sustainable mining practices through the Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program.

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