General Policy Review Newsletter

The General Policy Review is a newsletter produced by the department to advise interested parties on policy issues and developments related to the offshore minerals, offshore petroleum and greenhouse gas storage regulatory regime.

Please note: Issue 24 will be the last General Policy Review (GPR) issued by the Department of Industry.

In the interests of delivering consistent information and without duplication, the Department will issue information through the one bulletin, The Australian Petroleum News (APN).

The APN is an occasional newsletter prepared by the Offshore Exploration Team, Resources Division, Australian Government Department of Industry, Canberra, Australia.

If you would like to receive this newsletter, please send your e-mail address to:

Alternatively, if you would like to be removed from the distribution list, please email the Offshore Exploration Team with the subject line ‘Remove’. If you change your email address please notify the Offshore Exploration Team.

There is no charge for this service. This distribution list is not used for purposes other than notifying registered parties of relevant petroleum issues.’

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