Exploration and geoscience information

Why is exploration important?

Exploration is an investment in knowledge about the size, quality and location of resource deposits. It is required to develop new projects or sustain existing operations. As such, continued exploration is important to ensure an ongoing pipeline of projects to meet future needs.

How is the Government involved?

Governments plays an essential role in identifying Australia’s resource potential through targeted geoscientific surveys and research. Understanding our resource potential, and making that information public, supports government decision-making and encourages companies to invest by reducing some of the costs and risks associated with new exploration.
The Australian geological surveys are world leaders in the acquisition, development, application and delivery of pre-competitive—basic mapping of a region’s geological properties—geoscience information to unlock Australia’s exploration opportunities.
Some of the major initiatives that the Australian Government is involved with to boost exploration include:

Where can you access geoscientific information?

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