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The following information relates to services we provide to other government agencies. If you are a business looking for information on government programmes and services please visit 

The Digital Transformation Agenda, announced as part of the 2015/16 Federal Budget, includes a Streamlining Grants Administration Programme to improve the way we deliver grants across the Commonwealth. The initiative includes:

  • the establishment of two grants administrative hubs - one in the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science primarily for businesses and the other Department of Social Services for individuals and communities
  • the transition of grant programmes to the hubs
  • a standardised whole-of-government grants administration process, and
  • a data warehouse to provide a central information source

AusIndustry, the department’s service delivery division, has created a Business Grants Hub. The hub has two functions:

  • the design and implementation of grant programmes in partnership with policy owners across government, and
  • the research and enhancement of government grant delivery to continuously improve whole of government service delivery to business. 

AusIndustry has been operating for more than 20 years, delivering 200 programmes and more than $20 billion in administered funding to businesses and individuals. We provide a centre of excellence in programme design and service delivery targeting business of all sizes and across all sectors. 

The Business Grants Hub aims to:

  • improve the experience of business accessing grants programmes
  • lower the delivery cost for grants administered through the hub; and 
  • provide greater visibility of grant programmes to government.  

AusIndustry works in partnership with the policy owner to design and implement programmes delivered through the Business Grants Hub. We offer end to end delivery services encompassing all aspects of grants administration. 

The Business Grants Hub Service Catalogue provides information including:

  • a description of each of our services
  • the benefits we can deliver to on-boarding programmes
  • the features of each service
  • our capability
  • details of how to engage with us, and
  • cost considerations for services 


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If you are a business looking for information on government programmes and services please visit

The Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines (CGRGs), developed by the Department of Finance, establish the Commonwealth grants policy framework. They contain the key legislative and policy requirements, and explain the better practice principles of grants administration. Entities then determine their own grants administration practices in accordance with the CGRGs. The CGRGs apply to grants administration performed by ministers, accountable authorities, officials as well as third parties who undertake grants administration on behalf of the Commonwealth.

All Department of Industry, Innovation and Science grants are published on GrantConnect.